Secure-E Waste Destruction: Why It’s Important

E-waste takes many forms. From the most commonly thought about, cell phones and computers, to the more niche, like smart printers. All of the e-waste we generated played a part in our increasingly digital lives, whether it be connecting us to our friends, or printing out a crucial business presentation. Just as it was important to us during its useful life, it’s important to be mindful during its disposal. Secure e-waste destruction is important, both for the health of the environment, and for the security of your personal data.  Why Secure E-Waste Destruction is Important If your technology contains any sort of memory device, you need to make sure it’s destroyed properly. While this may sound like hyperbole, the dangers […]

The E-Waste Recycling Process

Every year, billions of new technology products are built and shipped out across the world. From laptops to cell phones to televisions, and more, it’s likely that you’ve purchased one yourself in the past year. Recycling the device it’s replacing is crucial, both for sustainability and environmental health. But what is the E-Waste Recycling Process?  The answer depends on the type of device, but, broadly speaking, the general process involves shredding the device and sorting its contents into component groups.  The E-Waste Recycling Process by Device Type  Cell Phones, Hard Drives, Computers, and Laptops  While this category is broad, the recycling process for these technologies tends to be the same. An e-recycler will pick up the devices from a drop-off […]