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Recycling benefits the planet and improves human livelihood for generations. ShredTronics is dedicated to offering reliable solutions for electronic recycling and hard drive destruction. We provide services that include responsible disposal of harmful materials, secure handling of data and devices, and eco-friendly recycling methods. It is our priority to offer innovative solutions that minimize ecological impact and best serve our customers.  

ShredTronics simplifies the search for responsible electronics recycling and disposal services. We will instantly connect you with verified recycling companies that have demonstrated competence and dependability. Our extensive, nationwide network allows us to find the right recycler for your project, at the best price. 

Together, we can combat the global e-waste epidemic. By recycling one device, you will contribute to saving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and decreasing the need for landfills. We hope you choose recycling and safe disposal for your electronics. Our community and planet is counting on you.

Sectors We Serve

ShredTronics is proud to serve healthcare practices, businesses, homes, and more across the US and Canada.

History of ShredTronics

1977 – TRI-R Systems was founded by David Powelson as a limited partnership to engage in recycling of paper, aluminum cans, and metal. At that time one-stop recycling was revolutionary. Scrap metal, waste paper, and containers were all recycled through different entities. Even the word recycling had not yet been printed in dictionaries and it was not a category in the Yellow Pages.

1980 – Shredding confidential records started as a service to help companies comply with privacy requirements.

1994 – DataGuard USA is formed when it became clear that shredding was an extension of corporate security and required a higher level of oversight than our existing recycling customers.

1999 – The first Shred Nations website is launched to help customers across North America.

2003 – Shred Nations is registered as a trade name. Regional and local providers join the Shred Nations network to offer secure national shredding services across North America.

2006 – Scanning and Records Storage services offered through Record Nations.

2013 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 200,000. Opens network of drop off shredding locations to better serve homes with limited volumes to shred.

2014 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 300,000.

2016 – The Medical Waste Pros brand is launched and begins to serve customers seeking secure medical waste disposal solutions.

2017 – Shred Nations partners with UPS to provide solutions nationwide for small-volume shredding customers.

2018 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 1,000,000 and continues to grow as we expand our services into Canada.

2024 – A new brand was launched, ShredTronics, to offer electronics destruction and recycling to residents and businesses nationwide.

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