Secure-E Waste Destruction: Why It’s Important

E-waste takes many forms. From the most commonly thought about, cell phones and computers, to the more niche, like smart printers. All of the e-waste we generated played a part in our increasingly digital lives, whether it be connecting us to our friends, or printing out a crucial business presentation. Just as it was important to us during its useful life, it’s important to be mindful during its disposal. Secure e-waste destruction is important, both for the health of the environment, and for the security of your personal data. 

Why Secure E-Waste Destruction is Important

If your technology contains any sort of memory device, you need to make sure it’s destroyed properly. While this may sound like hyperbole, the dangers of data theft are very real. Your phone, computer, or even smart tv contains important information, from passwords, to payment information, to sensitive personal information. If left out on the side of the street, or thrown into a landfill, anyone that picks up that technology can access your data. 

That’s also the case if you sell your technology without taking the proper steps.  It’s always tempting to make money, and if you are going to recoup some of the cost, make sure it is wiped to DOD or NIST standards. 

Outside of data security, the environment remains an important concern. E-waste tossed into landfills or improperly disposed of can severely damage the environment. E-waste contains a number of chemicals that, if left to decompose in a landfill, can poison the groundwater and the air. 

How Secure E-Waste Destruction Happens 

So what happens to the e-waste during the secure destruction process? 

A recycler sorts through the products, separating them by type 

Cell phones, hard drives, computers and laptops get shredded, and monitors and tvs get taken apart by hand 

After the shredding or dismantling, metals, plastic, and glass are separated 

The metals run through a magnet, where iron and steel separate 

Plastics and glass receive manual sorting

Finally, all the other metal gets separated from the waste stream, and the various components are shipped off to manufacturers

The Importance of a Data Destruction Certificate 

An important part of the technology destruction process that you should not neglect is the collection of a data destruction certificate. This piece of paper or digital document signifies the proper destruction of all data located on a piece of technology.

For businesses, it provides liability protection and regulation compliance. For an individual, it provides peace of mind, and you can rest assured that your sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands. 

How ShredTronics Can Help 

If you’re looking to dispose of old electronics, ShredTronics can help. We partner with recyclers across the country who can ensure the secure destruction of any e-waste you have. Give us a call at (844) 648-4908, or fill out the form on the page, and we’ll connect you to a recycler in your area within minutes.