Tablet Recycling Services

Secure Tablet Recycling Services

With the rise of tablets across the world, came a decrease in the lifespan of these devices. The average lifespan dropped from 7 to around 5 years, leaving hundreds of thousands to be disposed of each year. Unfortunately, only 10-20% of e-waste is recycled each year and most unused tablets end up in a drawer or landfill. This causes the environment to be exposed to the hazardous chemicals that tablets contain.

ShredTronics offers a streamlined and eco-conscious solution for the responsible disposal of your outdated or unused tablets. Our tablet recycling services are designed to make the process of parting with your devices simple and environmentally friendly. We prioritize data security and sustainable practices to ensure that your devices are recycled with the utmost care. 

By choosing ShredTronics, you not only free up space and protect your confidential information but also contribute to a sustainable future. This will help us play a crucial role in minimizing electronic waste and fostering a cleaner, greener environment. 

How Does Tablet Recycling Work?

Tablet recycling disposes of your old cell phones safely and legally. Our recycling partners will pick up your old, unwanted tablets and deliver them to a local recycling facility to be processed. At the facility, your tablets will be disassembled. Working parts can be refurbished and rebuilt into new devices, while other parts will be broken down to extract reusable materials. If you prefer, we also offer drop-off or mail-back options.

When you are ready, you can begin the recycling process.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Schedule a time for pick up or drop off your tablets at your local recycling center
  2. Your tablets will be tested for reuse and refurbished if possible. If not, they will be disassembled. All hazardous materials will be removed and disposed of in compliance with the EPA. 
  3. Your tablet equipment will be fed into a shredder and torn into pieces to begin the process of separating the plastic from the metals, glass, and other commodities.
  4. Magnets, eddy currents, and infrared cameras will separate the iron, steel, aluminum, and copper. 
  5. When the recycling process is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. Only a pickup or mail-back service will provide this.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Old Tablets

Get secure tablet recycling services from ShredTronics

Tablets contain various valuable and scarce resources, including metals, plastics, and rare earth elements. Recycling allows these materials to be recovered and reused, reducing the need for new resource extraction and minimizing the environmental impact associated with mining and manufacturing.

Tablet recycling also helps minimize the growing e-waste problem. Like other electronic devices, tablets can release hazardous substances if not recycled correctly. Recycling ensures that these devices are treated in an environmentally responsible manner, preventing the release of harmful chemicals into the soil and water.

Moreover, tablets often store sensitive personal and business data. Proper recycling involves secure data erasure or destruction, protecting individuals and organizations from the risks of identity theft or unauthorized access to confidential information.

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