Where to Recycle Electronics

where to recycle electronics

Where to Recycle Electronics

In most states, it is illegal to dispose of electronics using your regular trash or recycling services. Electronics contain toxic chemicals that require specialized disposal methods and should not be crushed or burned in landfills with typical garbage. When you recycle electronics you help keep harmful substances out of landfills and prevent dangerous emissions from being released into the environment. 

There are three main options for recycling your electronic devices. You can donate working electronics to those in need, let a tech company recycle your devices, or use a professional recycling service.   

Donate to Charity

Many charities, non-profits, and other organizations accept functional or repairable electronics for donation. The devices are then used by the organization or fixed and sold to earn money. Donations to libraries, schools, and non-profits can be deducted as a tax break on your tax return. 

A simple internet search will provide you with many organizations that accept electronic donations. You can select from many groups that would benefit from your donations like underprivileged communities, military charities, children’s organizations, emergency services, and more. 

Use a Tech Company

Many tech companies and electronic retailers offer electronic recycling programs that give you the option to return your devices to the company you purchased them from. Some will offer incentives like trade-in value or credit toward future purchases. 

Companies like Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, and Office Depot have electronic recycling programs. Check with the brand or retailer of your device for more details on specific programs and benefits. 

Electronic Recycling Services

Donation and tech company programs are not always accessible and will not accept all kinds of devices. Luckily, you can always find an electronics recycler near you. ShredTronics simplifies the process by connecting you with verified, responsible recycling services in your area. We will instantly match you with a recycler that can complete your project at an affordable price. 

Whether you have one device or hundreds, our electronic recycling providers have services that will fit your needs. Contact us and include the details of your recycling project. Within minutes, you will receive free, personalized quotes from local recyclers. 

Ready to Recycle Your Electronics?

We accept all kinds of devices and projects large and small. We will safely and responsibly dispose of toxins and recycle all materials that can be reused. You can feel confident about your choice to recycle your electronics, knowing you are not contributing to e-waste and pollution. Contact us today at (844) 648-4908 to receive free, no-obligation quotes on your recycling project. 

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