The Risks of Selling Electronics

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If you have an old laptop, computer, or other piece of technology sitting around, it might be tempting to sell it and get some extra cash. While this can be a good solution, and a profitable one, you need to be aware of the risks that come with selling old electronics. 

This is particularly important when it comes to laptops, cell phones, and computers. However, anything that contains your personal or payment information could be a risk if it’s sold to the wrong person. 

How to Reduce the Risks of Selling Electronics 

If that extra money in your pocket is too tempting to pass up, there are ways to make it safer. Selling the technology to a trusted friend or relative, rather than someone on an online marketplace, eliminates some danger. You can also choose a verified reseller, like Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy. Typically, these companies destroy your data in the refurbishing process. 

However, the best way to protect your data if you’re selling an old electronic is wiping it yourself. While you can wipe the hard drive by going into the recovery settings of your computer, this method will typically leave a trace, allowing some or all of the data to be recovered. Instead of this, try following the Department of Defense’s wipe method. A small investment in data destruction software goes a long way.

Secure wipe methods significantly lower the risk that someone recovers and steals your old data. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t completely guaranteed. A dedicated and skilled criminal could still recover some of your data, even after a secure wipe. 

The Most Secure and Sustainable Way to Dispose of Old Electronics 

For security, nothing beats destruction. For sustainability, recycling an old piece of technology is hard to beat, once it reaches the end of its life cycle. 

The process of E-recycling is straightforward, and involves disassembling the technology into its components. Then, it gets sorted by material, where it then gets sent off to a facility to be processed into a new technology. If there’s a hard drive or data storage in the technology, that gets shredded. The shredding ensures that any data on the device gets destroyed. 

When an old piece of technology is recycled, nearly all of the materials get reused. With a potential raw material shortage on the horizon, coupled with the environmental damage done by mining, it’s more important than ever to reuse. Recycling your old technology contributes to the solution, rather than the growing e-waste problem. 

How ShredTronics Helps 

We partner with recyclers all across the country to provide you a convenient and affordable solution to getting rid of your old electronics. Our trusted partners eliminate the risks of selling old electronics with secure destruction. Call us at (844) 648-4908 or fill out the form on the page. We’ll connect you to one in your area within minutes. 

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