Secure Data Destruction Through E-Recycling

Secure Data Destruction Through E-Recycling

Technology is everywhere in our personal and professional lives. Some professionals have work phones, some have work laptops, and some might even use their personal computers. While that technology will age out, the data stored on it won’t. Secure data destruction is crucial to keep that information out of the wrong hands.

For criminals and bad actors, that data can be a gold mine. An old laptop, phone, or tablet typically contains a wealth of personal and professional information. If that data is stolen, it can lead to identity theft and data breaches. In a worst case scenario, stolen data can compromise the security of your business or family. 

The risk is real, and even affects some of the world’s largest companies. Morgan Stanley paid a $35 million fine after they failed to properly destroy hard drives that contained data on 15 million of their customers. Often, that data stolen finds its way online, where criminals will put it up for sale. 

How to Dispose of Old Technology Securely

Thankfully, there’s an easy and straightforward way to get rid of this old technology: E-Recycling. E-recycling guarantees secure data destruction, reduces waste, and keeps dangerous chemicals from seeping into the ground and water. 

E-recycling adds an extra layer of data protection for businesses. Companies that dispose of e-waste professionally will either destroy the technology in front of you, rendering it useless for nefarious purposes, or pick it up, destroy the hardware, and recycle the precious materials at their own secure site. 

In the case of an e-recycling pick-up, or if the technology is dropped off at a certified pick-up location, a company is able to provide a certificate of destruction, confirming that the data has been destroyed, and the precious metals are on their way to a new life. 

Where Can I E-Recycle? 

Finding the right place to recycle your electronics might seem like a challenge, but in reality, it can be quick and easy, and there are several options available. ShredTronics makes it simple, connecting you with a provider that fits your needs.

Secure Data Destruction drop-off locations

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