How to Destroy Cell Phone Data

destroy cell phone data

Destroying the data on a device is an important step to take before disposing of it. Performing a factory reset or deleting files are not sufficient methods for ensuring your information is completely gone. ShredTronics specialized in electronics destruction, recycling, and disposal for homes as well as businesses. Our experts can find you the most affordable service to destroy your cell phone data in just minutes.

What to Do Before Destroying Cell Phone Data

Completely wiping the data from a phone or destroying the device takes some preparation. Before eradicating this information consider phone encryption methods and data backup. 

Before considering destruction, ensure that the data on your phone is encrypted. Encryption scrambles the data and renders it unreadable without the proper decryption key. Most smartphones offer encryption as a built-in feature that can be enabled in the settings. This adds a layer of security for your information that makes it difficult for hackers to access. Another step to take when preparing to wipe or destroy a phone is data backup. Some cell phones automatically save information to the cloud or other storage locations. Securely saving the information from a cell phone or, alternatively, ensuring the data is not being saved elsewhere is crucial before destroying cell phone data. 

how to destroy cell phone data

Cell Phone Data Destruction Methods

There are multiple secure methods to ensure the complete wiping of cell phone data. At-home solutions and professional services have varying levels of effectiveness for complete data destruction. Each is useful depending on the goals you have for the level of destruction you would like to achieve. 

At-home methods for destroying cell phone data are not as effective as professional ones. However, a factory reset can be helpful in minimizing the ability for people to access information on phones. Factory resets erase all user data and return the device to its original factory settings. This step will remove most of the data stored on the phone, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t necessarily overwrite the data. Software exists that can still access hard drive memory, leaving the possibility of recovery even after wiping. 

Professional methods of data destruction offer a greater guarantee that your data is unrecoverable. These options include overwriting and physical destruction. Overwriting involves using specialized software to overwrite the entire storage space on the phone multiple times with random data. While this method is highly effective at erasing the original data, it is not completely impossible to recover parts of it. Physical destruction is the best way to guarantee that the data on a phone or device is unrecoverable. Physical methods of destruction occur in specialized facilities operated by authorized personnel. Professional equipment is used to shred, pulverize, crush, dismantle, or degauss a device. This completely destroys the components of the cell phone and all the data they contain. 

Solutions from ShredTronics

 If you’re unsure about how to properly destroy your phone’s data, consider using professional data destruction services. These companies specialize in securely wiping data from electronic devices using industry-standard techniques to reach complete eradication of sensitive information. ShredTronics can match your home or business with services that are experienced in how to wipe cell phone data. Fill out the form or give us a call today (844) 648-4908.

cell phone destruction

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