E-waste Drop Off — When and Where?

electronics waste drop off

When and Where for E-waste Drop off

E-waste is a term that applies to obsolete electronic devices. Whether you are updating a single item or cleaning out a stockpile of old electronics, you will need to know how to properly dispose of e-waste that cannot be thrown away with the trash. 

Electronics recycling and proper disposal protect the environment from chemical exposure and reduce the use of landfills. Safe disposal is a responsible decision that benefits sustainability in many ways. The following is a guide to e-waste drop-off services. 


There are several options for e-waste drop-off. Contact local locations for more information on drop-off services and availability. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Most counties have a hazardous waste facility that will accept certain types of electronics for disposal. Often, proof of residency is required to drop off items. Select waste is subject to approval and fees. A list of permitted items and regulations can be found on your county’s website. 

Tech Companies 

Some electronic retailers have e-waste collection programs to encourage electronic recycling. They generally limit how many items you can drop off and will not accept all kinds of electronics. Check the company’s website for specifics.

Donation Centers

Goodwill and other donation centers will accept e-waste drop-offs. Many centers have a very limited number of devices that will accept. Contact your local donation center for more information. 

Local Recyclers

Local recycling companies will accept nearly all forms of e-waste for safe disposal and recycling. They typically charge a per pound fee and offer pick-up services at an additional charge. Using certified electronic recyclers reduces environmental and health impacts from improper recycling, reduces energy use associated with processing virgin materials, and increases access to quality refurbished electronics. 


Whether you need to get rid of your electronics immediately or you have time to wait for a collection event, there are options for you. 

Scheduled or At Your Convenience

To get rid of your old electronics now, it is best to use a drop-off service that allows you to bring in your devices at your convenience. Tech companies, donation centers, and local recyclers may receive drop-offs at any time during working hours. Municipal waste facilities often require a scheduled appointment for drop-off. 

Collection Events

Private and public e-waste collection events happen periodically in cities across the country. Many environmentally-conscious municipalities host collection events to provide easy access to electronics recycling. Private companies also host events to provide e-waste disposal for the community or to fundraise for their cause. 

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