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ewaste recycling pickup

Recycling electronics is a vital aspect of sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations. However, mailing back or dropping off old devices can be time consuming and difficult. Electronics recycling pickup is a convenient, safe, and reliable option available to residences and businesses around the US through ShredTronics’ nationwide network of trusted providers. 

Why Recycle Electronics?

Recycling electronics and disposing them according to various environmental laws helps reduce pollution and keeps communities healthy. 


As the population of the world increases and more devices are developed, the amount of e-waste generated each year is growing. Recycling electronics with a professional service aids in sustainability efforts in a few ways:

  • Prevents leaching: chemicals from the components of an electronic device can leach into the air, soil, and nearby waterways. By diverting waste from landfills and properly disposing of e-waste, you can help your community avoid potentially harmful environmental impacts. 
  • Promotes reuse: Recycling facilities often reuse some of the components from each device to refurbish other pieces of electronics. This reduces the amount of raw materials that need to be mined, and their associated emissions. 
  • Supports jobs: Recycling facilities employ individuals in your community to operate machinery, sort devices, and properly recycle materials. This helps to support the economic wellbeing of neighborhoods, cities, and towns while diverting waste from unwanted landfills. 
Electronics Recycling pickup services


Laws and regulations determine how e-waste must be handled. Depending on the industry your business is a part of, you may be held to certain privacy standards when getting rid of retired electronics. Additionally, there are important local, state, and federal legal precedents for how households and businesses must dispose of e-waste. Throwing away computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, and other electronics in the trash is oftentimes against the law and puts your private data at risk for discovery. 

E-Waste Pick Up Process

The e-waste recycling pickup process is efficient and easy for many different types of disposal needs. 

  1. Survey: Take an inventory of the amount of devices you would like to recycle and what kind of electronics they are. 
  2. Wipe: Before handing off devices to a professional service, consider wiping your devices to get rid of most personal data stored on them. Services often destroy the hard drives and other data storing elements, but it is best practice to get rid of this information at home.
  3. Get in touch: Contact ShredTronics at (844) 648-4908 or fill out the form to get matched with a secure recycling pickup provider in your area. Our nationwide network of providers is highly trusted within each of their communities. When you call you can get multiple free quotes for your project. The team at ShredTronics finds you the most affordable option in your area.
  4. Schedule: The providers you are matched with will contact you to discuss your project. You choose who you would like to work with and schedule your pickup.
  5. Sit back: Your provider will arrive at the scheduled time to pick up your devices to be recycled. Once they are placed in a secure vehicle, they are transported to a safe facility.
  6. Recycling: The devices are sorted and taken apart according to each of their components. Pieces that are able to be recycled are either refurbished, sold, or recycled traditionally. Hazardous components are disposed of according to environmental regulations. 
e waste recycling pickup

Other Service Options

While recycling pickup is a convenient and sustainable option for getting rid of devices, ShredTronics matches customers with many different kinds of services that may fit their needs.

Electronics Destruction

Destroying hard drives and devices after their lifespan is complete is the most secure way to dispose of electronics that contain personal data. Electronic destruction entails erasing the information on a piece of electronics and then shredding, crushing, or pulverizing the device. Demolishing electronics in this way eradicates data so that it is irretrievable. When the process is finished, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. 

E-Waste Drop Off

ShredTronics has a nationwide network of secure electronic waste drop off locations. For some customers, drop off is the most affordable option for recycling electronics or having them securely destroyed. Simply drop off your electronics at a nearby secure location. Then, they will be transported safely to a facility where they are destroyed or recycled.

Device Mail Back

Mail-in destruction services through ShredTronics allow you to ship your old devices to a certified provider for crushing, pulverization, or shredding. The process entails placing your device(s) into a box and shipping it to a trusted destruction provider. Once the process is completed, you will receive a certificate of destruction. 

IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition, or ITAD, is the safest way to recycle and serialize IT equipment. This process is specifically tailored to the needs of IT departments that are part of businesses due to the specific regulations and privacy considerations that must be followed. ITAD services can range from comprehensive lifespan plans to decommissioning services. 

Recycling Pickup Services through ShredTronics

ShredTronics is ready to help you get set up with affordable, secure recycling pickup services in your area. Our team of experts are familiar with the varying needs of companies and individuals and the types of services they may require. To get free, no-obligation quotes on services, fill out the form on this page for give ShredTronics a call (844) 648-4908.

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