How Electronics Recycling Benefits Your Business

electronics recycling

How Electronics Recycling Benefits Your Business

E-waste is a growing problem that has global effects on our environment and health. Electronics recycling prevents the buildup of e-waste, benefits the planet, and improves human livelihood. Today, all businesses have to address the issue of e-waste and select services that not only benefit the world but also their bottom line. 

As attitudes and legislature change in favor of recycling efforts, recycling is becoming more affordable and accessible. Smart businesses will choose to recycle, to reduce the storage of old electronics, lower costs, avoid fines, and boost their reputation. 

Reduce Storage

We all have that box of old electronics, loose cords, and random computer parts taking up space in a closet. If you run a business, your stash may be quite large and growing. Whether you are hanging on to electronics “just in case” or are unsure of what to do with them, the answer is electronics recycling. 

With e-waste recycling, your devices will be properly disposed of to prevent environmental hazards. Your electronics will be broken down and the materials will be reused in the creation of new products. You can clear out the clutter and put your valuable space to better use. 

Lower Costs

Electronics recycling can help lower costs for your business in a number of ways. Generally, by recycling more, you will reduce the amount of trash you throw away. This can cut waste disposal costs and save money in the long run. 

More specifically, e-waste recycling salvages non-renewable resources like iron, steel, gold, and aluminum and returns them to manufacturers. This keeps valuable resources in circulation and keeps the cost of producing new electronics down. When production costs stay low, the price of future electronics stays reasonable, saving you money on future purchases. 

Avoid Fines

Many states have passed laws that regulate the disposal of electronics to prohibit e-waste from ending up in landfills. Enforcement of these laws varies by state, but penalties and hefty fines can be imposed for violations. 

Some big companies that have faced penalties for e-waste violations include Big Lots, Apple, Comcast, and Target. Big Lots was ordered to pay more than $3.5 million in fines for accusations of improper handling of e-waste. Target was fined $7.4 million for illegally throwing e-waste in the trash. The CEO and Vice President of a Colorado recycling company were sentenced to 30 months in jail and fined $4.5 million for false recycling claims and illegal disposing of e-waste. 

Proper disposal and responsible recycling of your electronics will keep you in legal compliance and help you avoid substantial fines for violations. 

Boost Reputation

Consumers today are mindful of the companies they support with their hard-earned money. Recycling gives your business positive environmental credentials and shows consumers that you care about your effect on the world. 

According to a study conducted by Lightspeed, 90% of millennials said they considered a company’s sustainability important. By recycling your electronics and communicating your efforts, your business will show its commitment to sustainability and help you reach millennial consumers.

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